Winter Opening Hours

Today is November 1 and winter is definitely coming.  I am a ‘feel the cold’ person so have to wrap up warm!!!!  The Vintage Shed at Colyton will be open 7 days a week but slightly reduced hours.  Check The Vintage Shed page.  The areas are interesting and there are some good Christmas presents there.  Come to Colyton, wander around The Vintage Shed – especially the tool area – and go into town for lunch, coffee, scones.

Lyme Antique Centre is also now on Winter Opening Hours.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday:   11 to 4.30.  But the dealers areas are interesting.  Again a good place for Christmas presents.


Stanley No, 10.1/4 Carriage Maker’s Rebate Plane and an excellent Sash Fillister

The Stanley 10.1/4 Cariage Makers Rebate Plane is in excellent order  although a section of the base of the handle has broken off (pics on the site). It has a goood length original blade and 95% of japanning remains.  It is an above average example of this plane type.  See furthr details on the secondhandtools website.w461en

and then there is the Sash Fillister in excellent condition..  Marked Buck London Improved.


For more details of these planes phone us or just look at the secondhandtools website.