Langton Long, Driftwood Horses and all that.

We went out to Langton Long on Tuesday to buy tools – as we do. A very large converted circular stable block in lovely grounds at Langton Long.  Again a lovely lady, a beautiful apartment,  It was very spacious and gracious.  But the amazing thing was that the stable block had once belong to a large country house,  Langton House,  but the house was demolished in 1949 (blown up) because no one had a use for it.  The kitchen wing, The Brew House, the South block, the stables, etc., are still there but not the house.

On the way home we went into a pub for lunch and standing in the garden were two full size driftwood horses. Wonderful sculptures – probably expensive.  2017-07-25 13.23.48

It was a hot day and they obviously needed a drink and a nibble.  Had a a lovely day out  (but on business) but it was hot and I was glad to sit in our garden for a cold drink.

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