Open Day at Gatcombe Farm, Seaton.

Gerry & I had a day off today (well it is Sunday and sunny) and we went to an Open Day at Gatcombe Farm just over a mile away.  It was fantastic.  Lovely sheltered farm.  The state of the art machinery amazing.  Huge tractors, milking machines (no humans involved), (the farm supplied milk for Davidstow Cheese and butter.  etc., etc.  Different feeds according to the cows needs – protein, energy giving. All the cows and calves had their own spacious ‘rooms’.  A vet was there to tells us about the cows anatomy (I had no idea that cow had 4 stomachs).  The farm was large, efficient, but very pleasant.

It sounds very mechanical but the cows, calves, ewes seemed very happy.  (We also watched fleece cutting, hoof trimming).

The day was in aid of the Devon Free Wheelers are a team of 37 volunteer Emergency Vehicle drivers who are dedicated to providing a weekday out of hours service (17.00 – 06.00) and 24/7 weekend service supporting the NHS in delivering essential Blood, Samples, Medication and Donor Breast Milk to hospitals throughout Devon.  To raise money and their profile.   It was an Open Day, we didn’t have to spend a penny (we did make a donation to the Free Wheelers – one day we may be grateful for their help).

Yes a great day.  Thank you to Gatcombe Farm and the Devon Freewheelers.


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