Chariot Plane, Bullnose Plane and Block Plane

Just come into secondhandtools stock  and going on site shortly:
Chariot Plane by Moseley & Son, King St. Covent Gaden 1872-1881.  with 1.1/2″ cutter by Ward.  This plane has had little use and is in very good unpolished condition.

Iron Bullnose Plane stamped G. Musgrove, Lincoln with rosewood wedge.  This plane would have been produced by Norris, London and sold by Musgrove.  It has had very little use.   (photographs to follow.)

Rare No. 19 Stanley 7″ Block Plane  with S. R & L cast into body (can’t recall ever seeing this before.  Original S.R. & L cutter.  One for the collector but of course could be used also.


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