The car that would not start.

Its Wednesday and I have a lot to do today.  Some of it totally and utterly for myself – pedicure etc.  Also a visit to the recycling centre (I am a total dejunker so three items to go) plus a visit to Lidls.   But the pedicure, etc., was the most important as far as I am concerned.

Get everything together, allow myself lots of time, get in the car, turn the key – nothing. Battery, etc., fine.   So leave the vehicle for 10 minutes and then turn key again – and again nothing.   Gerry of course is not here – out buying tools.

Pulled myself together, and rescheduled.  Cancelled pedicure but recycling, Lidls this afternoon when the other car is back.  And long chat with garage as to whether the vehicle (we call the Fiat vehicle – it is a mobility vehicle) is economical to keep on the road.

But I feel sad about the lack of pedicure!

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