Two Pairs of Tailors Shears purchased from a retiring London Tailor

This pair  by I. Wilkinson & Sons, Sheffield with solid brass handle and steel blade is 14.1/2″ (375 mm) long

rc40en (2)
This pair  by R. Heinosch, Inventor Newark N.J. U.S.A with steel handle and blade
is 14.1/2″ (375 mm) long

Both pairs were in regular use until recently.  Now on the secondhandtools website. To me they are very heavy but apparently they would rest on the cutting table as the tailor used them.
“The lower blade rests on the table and in some instances the lug under the finger loops touches the table as well so the problem  with the sheer weight of the shears does not exist as the table carries the weight. The lug also works if you need to lean on the shears to get extra pressure in a heavy cut or heavy fabric.
There is a finger sized gap in front of the finger loop. it is designed to be hooked with the index finger so that it pulls your thumb into the right place and importantly, it increases your capacity to lift the front of the shears. Without this leverage you increase the load on your wrist and have a lot less control”


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